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It’s said that the first created tool since the human race appeared is “blade”. We have stepped on our history with creating various kinds of goods, and it’s the history with blades.
History of “Knife Blade” is at the same time the history of “human race development”. Any progress on each product kept this history behind the scene, and it has been steady.
Most of the things we use in daily life are produced by “blade” through the method. They are called as “industrial knife blade”, and used in manufacturing line for “cutting” “shaving” “stirring” “grinding”, and so on.
Knife blades have negative image like “dangerous” “hurt” “cold”, however, they are created for “safety” “effective productivity” future with passion.
The requirement and demand to industrial knife blade has changed with the times to more particular. We, STG will catch the demand shrewdly, and work on manufacturing and supplying our blades with strong passion, then step steadily to the future.